Zansky’s prints

As the great portion of the access here are from people who doesn’t speak portuguese, I’ve decided to write in english from now. To begin, a post about the new art prints available at society6 website. All those are giclée prints printed on cotton rag paper. You chose the size and receive at your home. Some of them there’s available other products with the same image, like t-shirts, iphone cases, skins, etc…

If you are interested on handprinted silkscreen you can see in this post: “serigrafias” some of them. All those are signed and numbered. You can ask me by email (fala[at] about the availabity and prices.

The image above is the “Triefloris”, access here.

Se other more below.

Tiger Face

Oh Frank you did it again

Boom doom ka doom

Work for I and Work for II




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